Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I'm sitting at my favourite place "claim jumpers " for my favourite ribs again and thought I should write a blog... Ps WTF does blog mean anyways. Ewww ... So I am getting ready to record alot of new crazy material that is decades away from stars down. This will be the last for a while .. I am concerned though... Where is everyone ?????? I release some tracks and it seems nobody is really listening:( well even If not I will always keep helping people with my music ... That is what is important!!!! I wanna wish you all love and happiness .. Life is too short for being mundane. I will be here for you ... Always.

Your friend .... Lukas


  1. Hey baby. How are those ribs? you have a little sauce on your

    so you have ME concerned about a couple things in this "blog". Like "where is everyone?" I hope we're all still here! And when and where did you release new tracks babe?? I feel like we stay too close sometimes and maybe you'd appreciate a little breathing room, but I'm always listening and I know many others are too. You know we love you and your beautiful music. Don't like the sound of "this will be the last for a while" :( but know you have to follow where your life and music lead you. Just don't ever doubt we're here. Love you baby. becks

  2. I'm always here for you, and I know of countless others who are as well!
    You impress me every time I hear you. Last Friday was no exception.
    You are the most talented and awe inspiring artist that I've ever had the pleasure of hearing and knowing.

    Getting your music out to the general public, and getting your music heard is a more than daunting ordeal in todays music machine.

    I have faith in you...always

  3. *Waves hand high*

    Here I am, now and always. I can't speak for others but I've got you last music downloads!

    I think there are plenty of people out there that still need to hear your music. I hope they get the chance soon..but people are lazy just sayin'...they eat up the gruel that's put in front of them as "hit music" so it's harder to get them to see the intense flavorful music that musicians like youself have to offer them.

    All that being said...there is a music void out there that only you music can fill. Opportunities are always around the corner...

    Okay...shutting up now :)

    Leona (and da' mama)

  4. I'm here always, too, Lukas and not going anywhere. I download your shows as they become available since I can't travel to see you. I don't know any other artist who makes their music accessible to their fans like this and it means the world to me.
    Once people hear your voice, hear your music, I can't imagine them walking away.

  5. I'm here as well! I can't get everything you release, sadly, but I support it all. If I could get everything you release, I promise you I'd jump on that chance.
    I'll always be listening and following.

  6. *also waving*

    Here for you too Lukas! If a little bit further away than most (Sydney, Aust) but I log in for my Lukas-time every day and have your music on constant rotation here at home and in the car! As my 16 yo DD says... "Lukas Rocks".

    Keep doing what you are doing my dear ~ we appreciate every piece you give us and you are the light at the end of a very dark tunnel in the music world!!

    ((HUGS)) to you and yours...


  7. I'm always listening too, Lukas~~

    You have me very curious to hear the new music you're writing...I can't wait to hear where its led you! The music that comes out of you is beautiful and incredibly unique, and that's what keeps me here. You're a very organic artist in the midst of a very generic (and mostly boring) music world right now...please don't ever stop. :~)

  8. I'm here too Lukas! I got your latest downloads and like always I was blown away and sorry I coudn't make the show cause it sounded way sweet!
    Please don't think we aren't here! We will always be here for you just like your here for us! I don't like you saying, this will be it for awhile! that scares me!! We need you.. we need your music, your voice, your presence. We're not leaving you so you can't leave us either! Do you want to be the cause of a crap load of people having panic attacks?? ;) Truely, Lukas we love you! Now and forever!
    I will always be here for you too!
    I love ya! xoxo
    Thank you for the download of Science! xoxo Love it!

  9. I'm here Lukas - just a little (well okay, a lot) blog stupid...wasn't sure how it all worked! But I think I may have it figured out now! Love to hear from you. I downloaded Science this morning and have been playing it over and there more releases somewhere other than Father's Day and Revolving Door? Cause if there is I'm all over them (just have to find them!!)

    Thanks for being you and loving us!!

  10. Still here and always will be Lukas..

    I'm still madly in love with your music
    and your beautiful soul..

  11. Still here Lukas! I too love your music, your voice is like no other you have a true gift. Please don't give up on us Lukas, WE HAVEN'T GIVEN UP ON YOU! I love "Science" thank you for another great song!


  12. Hey Lukas,
    I am still here and always will be. Please don't feel like you are being abandoned by your fans. You are a great musician and I love your music. Keep writing and now producing your songs and we will be here to hear it.
    Love ya babe,