Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jd fortune

Holy shit it's amazing how similar jd and I are .. Television rockstars my ass!! I just watched the etCanada interview and am appauled by how inxs has treated him ... Been there done that . He devoted his life to helping a washed up band try and revive themselves by choosing a young talented singer ... I must say it is not easy to go from nothing to superstardom in a few months. Press , touring, women, recording with people you barely know it's all fuckin insane ... I also went through substance abuse and almost lost everything.. If not for the amazing fans and my loving wife I would be nolonger. It is very easy to ignore a dove with a wounded wing in a flock of soaring eagles .. But for the flock to accept and nurture the dove and welcome it as an equal is obviously not the case. I wonder if "those people" were ever "dicarded" when they needed love or a shoulder. Wow I'm really pissed. well jd if you are out there I have a place in California and you are always welcome-and that's an open invite! It always gets better my friend and not all people suck... Much love and respect. LR


  1. wow..
    I just saw your status on Facebook and found out about JD that way....
    This is such a rude way of doing business.
    I've seen INXS during the first few months they were on tour with JD and they were amazing.
    Lukas, your just as amazing too!!

    Help me out and join this group too I just made on facebook about this Topic..
    JD Fortune FIRED from INXS :: BUY 'The Death of a Motivational Speaker'

    Keep in touch,
    Dru LeHoux
    Windsor Ontario

  2. Word, my brotha.

    If I may add my own message to JD:
    You have to know how serious Lukas is- support; semblance and recognition of art. Art is as art does, regardless of the medium. I know this from my own, personal experience with both Lukas and Kendra-
    I really hope that you guys hook up. Because you need to. The Machine shall not be the winner here. The artists- that have been taken at their most vulnerable moments- will be. Maybe that's a shite analogy. Winner is not appropriate. Prevalence of the talent is.

    The Symposium that I have experienced at Chez Rossi is one that has transcended anything I have experienced in years. When I'm there, I'm in it; when I'm not, I want to be.

    I hope this union happens. It's too important to not.

    Jake Surette

  3. Lukas...
    The hoops that you had to jump through, and the 'situations' that you had to experience just saddens me.
    YOU have way more talent, and musical chops than the SO CALLED called band members that hired and used YOU.
    YOU are the one who should be the shining star.
    YOU are the one with personal and professional integrity...
    You are one in a million, and deserve only the best...

  4. Thanks for this Lukas. That JD interview was very disheartening. It sickens me to see amazing artists chewed up and spit out so carelessly. Whatever happened to loyalty? No excuse...

    I'm glad you've found 'your' path Luke...no one else's. JD will get there too in time, and I hope he has a fanbase as strong as yours 'cause it sounds like he needs it right now.
    Hope to see ya soon Mr. Rossi. xoxo Suz

  5. This is the first I am hearing about JD. Admittedly, I haven't followed news of INXS or JD at all, although I did watch the tv show and know who he is.

    It is a heartbreaking fact that every day beautiful and loving souls are discarded like so much garbage when they are no longer of any apparent use to those who once professed to value and care about them.

    I have no idea what JD's family/support structure is, I hope he does have someone he can turn to...someone who loves him enough to come and get him and help him through what is probably the darkest moment of his life. Because at the end of the day, we are all human beings.

    Fame and fortune is window dressing. If anything, it only serves to camouflage the human being within. Underneath it all, we are men and women with hearts and souls, all one family together in this life.

    Lukas, in my heart, I have known for a long time now that you are a precious soul in this world. The light that shines from you is beautiful and unmistakable so I'm not in the least surprised to find you reaching out this way. I will remember JD in my prayers.

    I hope you know how much YOU are loved. You are in my heart and prayers every day and always will be.

    Much Love,

  6. Hey Lukas,
    Wish I could have seen that interview. It is awesome your invitation to JD to help out. That show pretty much threw everyone to the wolves in one way or another. Hope all works out for him.
    Love ya,

  7. It's hard to remember that not all people suck when you've had your soul sucked out of you. I didn't follow JD's career closely but don't have to have to feel horrible after listening to that interview.

  8. Lukas, I don't know what INXS did or didn't do, so no comment from me there - but I LOVE your passion, your compassion, and your spirit!

    You ROCK!

  9. I love your passion, too, Lukas, and I hope if JD reads your message that he does reach out. You've both gone through the exact same machine and I'm sure that' ll bond you in ways no one else could understand. And it being you who's opening... Wow, I really do hope you two can hook up and work on this together.

    Wow... Poor JD. That's pretty crazy sh!t.

  10. We rooted for you from the start, and for JD as well. Both of you outstanding in your fields.... so proud of you!!!! Doubly proud to see you reach out to offer JD help when he's down. Toronto boys. Canajuns, eh!!! Would love to see you hook up together. Hint.... didn't Kiefer want to sign you....?? another Canadian... would be awesome!

  11. Lukas you a great man and amazing musician!

    I hope you achieve great success as you do deserve it!

    all your good karma is going to come rushing back to you!

    Peace & Love from a big fan.

  12. I thought he was a great addition to INXS. JD is great singer. I wish him well. Lukas you're a good friend

  13. Hey Lukas. So great of you to reach out to one of your own who can surely use a friend now.

  14. You never cease to amaze me Lukas. You are a good soul. You are an inspiration. I always wish you the best of everything.

  15. Dear Lukas,
    Thankyou so much for your beautiful and honest blog there! I agree with everything you said, and all that has been said in the comments - it would be so great if J.D. would take you up on this offer of a place to stay - even if for a little while. It sounds like he could really use a strong shoulder right now. His hurt, makes ME hurt. I really feel for him and his situation. And what better person to help him process this in some way - than you - who has walked the same road, in many ways. God bless you Lukas for your kind gesture, thanks so much for reaching out to J.D. You two are both very special individuals.
    Love & best wishes, Barb/WCG xo

  16. I'm a huge believer in Fate, Lukas! I have the asian symbol for it tattooed on me. You have so much talent and are meant for much bigger and better things then SN! I think JD is the same way! One door has to close before another can open!
    If SN didn't happen I don't know how I would of ever found you. And you know how much you mean to your fans! It was a door that opened to get you where you are now. Now it's time for another door and another path which you have taken and done an amazing job with Stars Down and your solo work!
    You are one in a million like Melinda said! We love you and are always here for you no matter how many doors you open to find the one that gets you on the path YOU want to be on!
    Your fan for life!
    Love you!

  17. Dude, you are the coolest, lending a helping hand to a fellow artist brother. Bless you man, you and Jd rock this world.

  18. Lukas that was very sweet of you to let J.D. stay with you. you and J.D. are my favorite Rockstars