Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well the time has finally come for u all to hear the truth. I have written a song called" Hollywood " which is an exact story of my journey over the past years and truly has made this record exactly what it needed to be .... Real and whole .It was a truly hard song to lay down because it brought up alot of feelings that I have held in for so long . The truth of what seems to be is not always the case . Life is not always as u may want it to be and can rip at you when you have been already been torn to pieces . You may ask ... Why me.. Why does this have to happen to me . Well the answer is probably never goin to be answered , all we can do is just ride the wave that we have been given and hope that what is at the shore is a place of solitude and rest. Afterall it's better to just ride that wave than to be swallowed by the undertow . I have decided to rename the album .. I will not announce it just yet because i want u all to know at the same time. I wanna truly thank every single fan who had been there from day one. And even the ones who have fell off. U believe and believed in me and that gives every person on this earth a sacred gift ... Hope and faith. Remember I am here to help you all I am not in this for money or fame. This is my promise and this is all I can give you ... Me. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Be strong . Yours truly.
Lukas Rossi

Sunday, March 14, 2010

hi my loves!!! im in the studio and havent been around on the computer lately..i'm workin on my new album and have tons of new songs and im also working alot with some other not really being distant or absent just super busy!!! were putting up videos on itunes and the unreleased demos are on itunes also.. i want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me and following me and being there to show love for my music..I will do a video chat very soon so we can all catch up with one another adn share the love ..ive gone through some of the contest entries and they are fuckin amazing! the deadline for the contest is april 1st so if you havent sent an entry to melis you should do it soon.. I love going through all the ideas..ONE LOVE LR

Friday, January 22, 2010


I am heading out on a small but sweet tour in a few days to the east coast and hitting stops along the way to try out new material. I've been soo effin busy producing my new record and other artists as well. I am taking lou Dawson with me again... Just like old times ! She rocks. I truly cannot wait to see all the people I know and all the new amazing fans I have had the pleasure of meeting online. This will be my last acoustic tour ... Than I will be touring a brand new record which I hope you all will enjoy. Please be safe and I will see u all very soon.
One love! LR