Friday, January 22, 2010


I am heading out on a small but sweet tour in a few days to the east coast and hitting stops along the way to try out new material. I've been soo effin busy producing my new record and other artists as well. I am taking lou Dawson with me again... Just like old times ! She rocks. I truly cannot wait to see all the people I know and all the new amazing fans I have had the pleasure of meeting online. This will be my last acoustic tour ... Than I will be touring a brand new record which I hope you all will enjoy. Please be safe and I will see u all very soon.
One love! LR


  1. I will miss ya Lukas...Be safe and kick some ass eh?

    * Melin

  2. Can't wait to see you too, Lukas! New stuff huh? Sounds sweet to me! Have a safe trip! See you in about eight days! ;) love ya! xo

  3. Hey Lucas, fellow Canuck here. I have been following your career for a while now. Proud eh! When are you coming back home for a concert? You are the definition of cool. Take care brother.