Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well the time has finally come for u all to hear the truth. I have written a song called" Hollywood " which is an exact story of my journey over the past years and truly has made this record exactly what it needed to be .... Real and whole .It was a truly hard song to lay down because it brought up alot of feelings that I have held in for so long . The truth of what seems to be is not always the case . Life is not always as u may want it to be and can rip at you when you have been already been torn to pieces . You may ask ... Why me.. Why does this have to happen to me . Well the answer is probably never goin to be answered , all we can do is just ride the wave that we have been given and hope that what is at the shore is a place of solitude and rest. Afterall it's better to just ride that wave than to be swallowed by the undertow . I have decided to rename the album .. I will not announce it just yet because i want u all to know at the same time. I wanna truly thank every single fan who had been there from day one. And even the ones who have fell off. U believe and believed in me and that gives every person on this earth a sacred gift ... Hope and faith. Remember I am here to help you all I am not in this for money or fame. This is my promise and this is all I can give you ... Me. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Be strong . Yours truly.
Lukas Rossi