Monday, September 21, 2009

In Canada

Played Sudbury and it was fucking stellar once again...packed house. Reminds me that Canada is the place to be...kinda sucks I can't be home more often and that Kendra couldn't be here. Zann came by and it was awesome to see her...she helped me out so much that evening. The crowd was wild singing all the songs, dancing...good ole Canadian love.
Some great things are happening right now with Daylight Division...i'm going to try and make sure that the first tour starts in Canada....we should be going in very soon to record the rest of the Daylight Division album. Personally my favourite songs on the album will be recorded next.
I did a photo shoot today for uncharted sounds and brought my delicious friend Jake Surette as my stylist because he is the shit!!!!...check him out at
Look to the inside and embrace it for they are not our darkest love LR