Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So I just got back from San Diego because I was reheasing with my other group "INTerView". It is the secret weapon god has bestowed upon me. The music is very different and an absolute love of mine. The gentlemen in the band are Joseph Loeffler- former bass player from the band "CHEVELLE", Marcos Curiel -guitar player from P.O.D , and Dave Buckner the original drummer from PAPA roach. We all met through a mutual friend. They sent me some tracks with no vocals to see what i would do and it just worked so we started to jam and respected each others past projects, but this....... this will be SPECIAL. This will be ... A REAL super group. Stay tuned for tracks. We have already finished 6 new tracks. Very different than other music I've done. Alot more upbeat and experimental. one love!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Today was fuckin awesome ! The noh8 campaign marched at PRIDE and we marched all day .. I looked in the face of thousands of people who were proud of who they are.. HUMAN! So should any one human have more rights than the next.. I would of marched to Toronto if I knew I would make a change.. I feel sad to see the many gay Famous people are hiding in a very crazy time just to protect there "fortune" and fans. Pretty much makes me sick well anyways on to music news .. I have joined a new band ( don't worry stars down is still rocking forever) the new group is AMaZING!! It is made up of members of bands we all are fans of .. I can't say much but stay tooned for more here on my website. Anyways peeps. onE love... LR‏