Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am at the abbey and am with really cool people. Friends make all the difference be good to one another!:)


  1. k, I'm trying this. not sure why, but I'm gunna give it a try. So, c ya 'round!

  2. Friends do make all the difference babe. All that love,laughter and sharing is a sweet thing to have in your life. xoxo becks

  3. Friends really do make all the difference. They make the world go round. Even if it was just one friend, that sure saves quite a bit of damage.
    Gotta love good friends! :-)

  4. Hey Lucas... Im not really sure what happened with you and Supernova... But I must say that I love your music brother... I have some of your stuff from rise electric, its really cool shit. You dont need those guys that chose you as the winner of Rockstar... You have what it takes Lucas. I would pay any amount to see you... When are you coming to Toronto again?
    I also am a fan of this band called Easy Sleezy... I think you know the lead singer... Arron Reed? My friend Ange is in the band too, and I was talking to him one day and I told him that his lead singer reminds me of you... He told me you guys hung out. Next time im at a gig of theirs hopefully you are there?
    Anyway Lucas. I hope you reach what ever point you were dreaming of when you joined that show... And I hope you make it on your own... Dont throw it away man... I would give anything to have a shot at what you are living... So would many people in the world... You are great man. You are great...