Sunday, February 22, 2009


I rescued another beautiful animal yesterday named kye he is a black 100 pound german shepperd who looks like the devils spawn but is as angelic as Gabriel :) he really has put alot of positive life into our life already. It's amazing how animals are so kean to our feelings and needs. I am gonna put up dime video of me and him soon.
Now ... Onto a song called "science" I really wanted to write a song about how envious a shadow must feel to it's host.. Living a life of brief and flat existance must be torturous.. Listening to the song now should be alot different:). I really wanted to give this song away to all of my amazing supportive fans who make all this music worthwhile... To see change in a world I thought could never.. You all are in my heart everyday. .... Lukas R

Ps sorry if my spelling sucks:). I'm a musician not Shakespeare see ya all on the 1st for video chat!!!!!!!!


  1. Kye sounds beautiful! I can't wait to see him.

    Thank you sooo much for that insight into Science! :) Amazing...simply amazing. You can really take my breath away sometimes you know? and you an angel to share so much with us.

    Warning only makes us love you more! ;)

    You're in our hearts every day too and I rather disagree on the Shakespeare issue. It's the words themselves babe... not how they're spelled.

    Love you! B

  2. That's a really cool background to "Science"!!

    Can't wait to see Kye :-)

    And see you on the first! I promise I'll have those bells, haha!

  3. Forget Shakespeare, I want to know what goes on inside 'your' head. Thanks for translating your thoughts into song and sharing them with us so often. Now I have to scurry off to listen to Science in a whole new light!

    Bravo rescuing the german shepherd. Be careful around him please.


  4. I can't wait to see the video of the new furbaby Kye. Thank you for telling us the meaning behind the song Science. I love that song.
    Love ya,

  5. Black German Shepherds are so beautiful! I know what you mean about animals keening in to our feelings....some days my dogs relate to me more than the rest of the whole world it seems. If it weren't for them and for music like Science, I think I might know just how brief and flat the shadow's existence must feel. Thanks for making me laugh lately.

  6. The best dogs I have ever had were Shepards! I had one that was very focused on your hands so we taught him sign lanuage! Can't wait to see him!
    I'm loving Science and now will love it even more knowning some background on it! I love that you think of shadows.. I will look at mine different now!
    as far as your spelling.. look at mine! ha! It makes you seem just like us when a word is misspelled here and there! We love that about you! Don't change!
    See you at the chat, Lukas!
    Love you! xoxox

  7. Animals can and do reflect our most inner attitudes and as such, are some of our best teachers. I had an Akita who taught me patience and humility in ways that surprised me throughout our 14 year union.

    Love your stuff Lukas........since Rockstar....told the woman you'd win the whole banana from the first song you performed. Loved the sensitivities........being tuned to them is what can make the difference between longevity and 'flash-in-the-pan'. just discovered your blog from an article in the local rag here in Prince George.

    Later little bro...

  8. omg!!!!.. kye sounds so pretty.....cant wait to see him are awesome and that song sceince sounds kewl....
    ps sorry if my spelling sucks.....
    love your numba one fan,...$abrina

  9. Kai is a beautiful (or shall I say handsome!) boy. People have no idea what it can do to a dog to have a home, even if temporary, that loves him until he can find the forever home. They are so thankful!

    Thanks for letting us know the meaning behind Science. I would love to hear the meaning or story behind all of your songs - it really makes you hear them differently and love them even more!

    Saw you last night on Stu's show though it was pretty frustrating with all the hacking in....I eventually had to leave as it was getting so late and a work night ya I missed the singing! The best part!! Hope to find it posted somewhere after the fact.

    Keep up the guardian angel work for the dogs - you and Kendra are doing a great job!