Thursday, March 19, 2009

Voices of Uganda

I am just about to go on stage at the key club for the voices of Uganda charity event. Thanx cindy Landon for having me. This is a really important event. People are being forced into child sex slavery .. We can all help firstly by being aware of what is going on and secondly doing something about. Thanks to all for being a part of this amazing event. God bless. LR. Ps. Children should be children not slaves .


  1. Lukas, I am so proud of you (as always) for being a part of this project. We can only imagine what a beautiful world this would be if all our children ever knew was love and peace. Someday we will see it, I know.

    God Bless you too.

  2. It always saddens me when children get robbed of their innocence. You're doing good work Lukas. I'm proud of you.

  3. Dear Lukas- thank you for being the blessed soul you are and for participating in this project. My Aunt Sister Francella, deceased since 1980, she worked in Africa for many years and built schools for the poor & helped children be children instead of slavey and not be taken advantaged of. She did good work there and was highly respected. Awareness is always key- children deserve to be children and to have that right violated as such is just "sick" and needs to stop! Proud of your dedication Lukas- I heard it was a great show in support of this- great job :)
    Love ya

  4. *** Lukas ***

    It was awesome to see you rockin' out at 'Voices' last night!

    You are truly a giving soul, with the voice of an angel...

  5. Thank you for lending your support to the children of the world

  6. Thank you Lukas for lending your love and support to the world's children

  7. Lukas I am happy last night was so great for you. I pray that someday the children are allowed to just enjoy their childhoods. It is so sad that this all goes on in the world. Thank you for doing what you have to help. Muah!

  8. Once your time of innocence is gone, you can never get it back. Bless you Lukas for trying to help the children of this world hold onto their pure hearts. It's because you somehow managed to keep yours. You are a light in this world brother. Proud of you.
    ((hugs to you & Kendra))

  9. Very proud Lukas fan here! Your a light to so many, Lukas! Thank you for being who you are and helping out yet again to people in need!
    You have a beautiful soul!
    love ya!

  10. Well done Lukas, despite all your other projects on the go you still make time to give. Good on ya!
    All the best to you & Kendra, hope to see you back in Ontario soon my friend!
    Matt (London Ontario)